Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunchtime with Alfredo

So...the other day I was sitting down to a lovely lunch with Alfredo. I realized as we were sitting there having a great time together that I hadn't had the chance to enjoy a child at this stage of life before.

See...when Jewel was Alfredo's age, I was pregnant with Alfredo, which for me means that I was totally non-functional. Poor little Jewel was consigned to a life watching Disney movies at the foot of my bed while I was either in the bathroom dry heaving, or laying in bed hooked to an IV. This set-up doesn't really lend itself to enjoying that particular age and stage of your child.

But I do get to enjoy it this time with Alfredo. And he's one cute little guy. As we sat having some little conversation, a feeling of contentment and happiness washed over me. I looked over at his sweet little face, stuffed full of crackers I said, "You know what, Alfredo?" He just stared at me. I went on, "Mommy loves having lunch with you."

Alfredo swallowed his nicely masticated food and said. "You know what I yuve?" - "What?" I responded eager to hear him echo my sentiments. "Buzz" - that would be, Buzz Lightyear for those of you who don't live a life full of Buzz and Lightening. to a mother's ears.

You just gotta love lunchtime with Alfredo.


Summer said...

How cute!

Jillene said... cute!!

Candice said...

Tender. You remind me to enjoy every moment.

Whitney R said...

This is sweet. And it's so good that you wrote it down so he will always know that he yuve's buzz :)

Pancake said...