Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Unusual Saturday Post...Because I feel I Need to Say Something

I guess I'm following the political theme from yesterday's post...

All joking aside...there are some really big issues being decided in this historic election.

I know that not everybody is all that interested in politics and that sometimes it can be uncomfortable to post or read about certain political issues.

I have not said much about an issue that is on the ballot in both Arizona and California mainly because I think I am not eloquent enough to do the topic justice.

But because this is something I think is truly important, I wanted to add my little voice on the issue of amending these state constitutions to stipulate that only a marriage between one man and one woman would be valid in these states.

I feel strongly about this issue and I support both Prop 102 here in Arizona and Prop 8 in California.

I don't want to spend a lot of time defending my position on this, but I will refer you to some good discussions of these issues.

The first place I will point you to is to a blog post written by a very dear friend, Andrew. He and his wife, Janie are California residents. He has written a beautiful and sensitive defense of Prop 8 and discusses why he and his wife support the Proposition. He has also included links to good websites with good information that are also very well done.

You can find a great discussion of this topic over at Cheryl's blog...take a look at the comments. The discussion there is quite respectful and there is discussion from people who take both sides on the issue.

Summer has listed some great websites and states her own feelings on the issue here.

I hope that this issue isn't too uncomfortable for any of my readers. Please know that I do understand that this is a sensitive topic. I have friends who feel strongly on both sides of this issue as well. In this case...I just feel that this issue is critical and I couldn't feel good about not saying something any longer.


Kristina P. said...

This particular proposition is always so difficult for me. Ultimately, I agree with the church's position, but it breaks my heart for people I know and love who are gay.

It's an unfortunate situation.

Jillene said...

This is a touchy subject but I think that you handled it perfectly. I also am for Prop A. Nuff said!!

rovingrixs said...

Well done for speaking up!! I whole-heartedly support prop 102. Marriage was designed by God. He ordained it. How can I say I love God and am obedient to Him if I act(or support something) contrary to HIS word, The Bible? I do have friends whom I love dearly who are gay and lesbian, who are opposed to this Prop. However, just because I love my friends, it doesn't mean I have to agree with their lifestyle, choices, and opinions. We can agree to disagree and we do agree to disagree on specific subjects, namely this one. God ordained marriage and His plan was for "one man and one woman to leave their Father and mother and cleave to one another and become one flesh" (Genesis 2:24).

flip flop mama said...

Good for you for speaking up. I feel the same way about you about putting political things on my blog, but sometimes we have to speak up. Thanks for your post.

Chelan said...

I have a post drafted on my blog that I can't seem to finish that is about this & the elections. I haven't finished it yet because this whole week I've been adding and then removing things, trying to convey my emotions and ideas that have been swirling through my mind these past few weeks. Bascially...I'm just exhausted and worried. I'm praying for our nation to use wise judgement as they vote in a few weeks.

Whitney R said...

Because this does nothing to take away gay's rights. They can still marry and have all the perks. I agree with prop 8. I don't think marriage should be re-defined because of all of the other implications.

And because Prophet says so..

Lucy said...

Your links were very interesting. Yes...this needs to be passed. I have people in my own family though that will vote 'no' on it though. I do not understand their thinking. Very important issue.

stephi k said...

Thanks for the link. I read up on it all last night. Here in UT we of course have no say, but I think it's cool you blogged about it.

Mo said...

Thanks for being honest and real about an issue that most would shy away form. I am in total agreement with you on this, and really think you approached it in an extremely respectful way. I'm going to go check out the links you posted right now... I think it's always so important to educuate yourself as much as possible on all opinions and standpoints when it comes to sensitve issues.