Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Schedule Idea That's Workin'!

Here's the thing about Works-for-me-Wednesday. I never know what to say...I ask myself..."what works for me?" And I invariably answer myself..."I don't know...what does work for me?"

Then yesterday I got an idea.

Yes...something that does actually work for me.

So...for your benefit...I will share!

Big Sis (my oldest child) started all-day Kindergarten in August. Which means that she is away from home for more of her awake hours then she is at home. When she is at home...I wanted to make sure that there were some things that got done (you brushing teeth, having a snack, doing her 'homework', etc.). I still wanted to make sure everything was getting done and not in a big fat hurry as we try to get out the door in the morning. friends...I came up with this, not terribly clever - not terribly sophisticated, little device to help us all.

It is a solitary card stock sheet with the Morning Schedule on one side and the Evening Schedule on the other...

And I hang it up on the fridge with this little clothespin magnet that Big Sis made and decorated in preschool. (If you can't tell...because sometimes I can''s supposed to look like a bird)

So in the morning...we look at the sunshine side and then sometime when Big Sis is at school I flip it over for our crescent moon with a view.

Here's why it works. It keeps me on track and helps me to remember what we need to be doing and what needs to happen next. There is time built into the schedule for little things to happen and...honestly...if we don't follow the schedule big deal. But for the most party...this is the routine on school days. I do like it's workin'!

To see what is working for other people... see this post at Rocks in My Dryer.

But before you go...gimme some comment luv, will ya?


Traci said...

I've always been impressed with your schedule. . . and with how well your kids respond to it! It makes babysitting very easy and predictable.

McEwens said...

Greta schedule! Now that mine are older, it is easier to schedule things in a day planner... who needs to be where by when! One more to drive and life is good!

(hey I know a while back you wanted to improve traffic, one was is to get rid of that word verification thingy... I havent had any spam since I did it and it makes it easier on people)

The Raybould Family said...

I love the schedule idea! I wish I could do it now. Just for me. But it doesn't work all the time.

Maybe once I have me some kids??

Amber said...

I have my kids on a schedule but have never actually written it down. What a great motivator to do it when my daughter starts school!

Tammy W said...

Love the clip!

Mikki said...

I think it's great. I've sort of done the same for my girls, typed up a morning, and evening routine. There's supposed to be an after school routine to go with it, still unfinished. They do the morning pretty good-we're still working on the rest.

Sharon said...

I need to do this! What a great idea. Of course, I can't get over the fact that 7pm is bed time. In my dreams my kids would go to bed that early. Of course they wouldn't see dad that way.
Anyway,I'm sure that's helpful when others are over watching the kids.