Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cry Baby

If you were able to see my status update on Facebook...yesterday, you would have seen the following status report...

"Leslie has been crying all day because she sent her little girl off to kindergarten."

So...yesterday was the big day. The day I have been dreading since Big Sis was born. The day she would be gone to school...gone all day (yes kindergarten here is all freaking day!), away from my constant influence (and control?), into the cold cruel world!!!

I put her on the bus with a big squeeze and a "Have a wonderful day!!!" She said, "Bye Mom" and like a big kid, found a seat on the bus and rode away. I remained calm until the bus turned the corner. Then I lost it.

I then turned into the kind of crazy mom I swore I would never be. So worried about her getting lost in the shuffle was I that...I jumped into my car...drove to the school...waited for the school buses to arrive...got out of the car...found Big Sis' bus...and watched as she got off the bus and got into the line of Kindergartners who would be escorted to their classes.

As I drove home, I sobbed again...called my mom...sobbed some more...stayed in the car until I got myself together. When my husband gave me a hug...I lost it again.

I kept myself busy the rest of the day until it was time to go back to the bus stop again and wait for Big Sis.

How was her day??? Awesome. She loved every minute of it.

As she described her day, I couldn't help but wonder what has happened to the past five years.


Richelle said...

I can't believe she is so big!! I don't blame you for crying. :)

Summer said...

Um lol! I haven't been brave enough to put my oldest on the school bus yet. I just drive him to and from school and plan on continuing that.
He'll be in 1st grade in two weeks and my second will start kindergarten! Crazy!

Cheryl said...

I hope my comment on Facebook wasn't insensitive (you know, on the wall), because I just don't have those types of feelings when school starts.
It's not that I don't love my kids and don't worry for them when they are away (in fact, I do miss them, to be honest), I guess I just love the fact that I can have some peaceful moments without the chaos. Plus I can't teach them what they can get out of school (socially and academically), and so I'm eager for them to start learning.

But don't feel bad for crying. She's your first, she's adorable, and you love her! And you are sweet and loving and better suited for a cry fest than I am (and that was a compliment, btw). If I was being extremely truthful, I kind of wish I was more like you and could be sad to see them go off to school.

Okay, sorry, rambling over... :)

Chelan said...

I was wondering about you this week knowing this "event" had probably come up recently. I feel for you and want to cry just thinking about my turn next year. You're such a good mom though, that Big Sis I'm sure has been taught all the important things she needs to know to hold her own and be a good example to the other kids in her class. I can't believe she's already 5 too! Time flies.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I don't blame you! I know I would do the same. At least you can take comfort that she had a good time. I got stuck in the bathroom on my first day of kindergarten (I was too small to open the door).

Jeanette said...

Oh I dread the day I put my son on the school bus. There is just no way, that I can imagine right now, he will ever be big enough to be sending him to school. I am sure I will be sobbing all day like you.
I watched my neighbor put her son on the bus for the first time last year and I started getting more emotional than his mother. Pathetic, I know, but I was just imagining the day I will have to do that. I think it is so cute that you followed her to school! and I am glad to hear that she has such an awesome day. Even if it was hard on mom.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I can't do the bus ... these kids grow up way too fast!