Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Boy Reclaims His Pseudonym

Baby Boy is, well...a boy. He specializes in creating chaos. When he began to crawl (read: get into mischief) I lovingly called him, Destructo Calrisian (if you love Star may recognize where I got the name?). When Baby Boy started getting a hold of board books, he loved to chew them, bend the pages/cover backwards, and generally try to do what he could to pull them apart. I have been able to get him to stop pulling them apart (except for pop-up books, but then, who leaves an almost 2-year old alone with pop-up books? Not me, well at least not on purpose.), chewing and bending still occur and we are still enjoying the destruction of many of my favorite and precious books. But...books were only the beginning. Baby Boy turned to destroying mixing bowls, spoons, his crib rail...basically anything he could get his hands on (which is really everything at this point).

Really, the ruination of the books was bad enough, but in the last few months Baby Boy's destructive capabilities have increased...exponentially. Here is a short list (not exhaustive or complete) of some of the things Baby Boy has maimed, broken, and otherwise completely annihilated over the past few months:
  • Three Binkys (why do I still let him have them? Oh, please...I cannot defend myself on this in a simple post)
  • The parts of a new wooden car track set (I think I will be able to epoxy or superglue these back together - phew!)
  • A section of the stuff that joins the wood laminate flooring and the tile in the kitchen. (It's the stuff that goes over both surfaces to protect and cover the edges - I don't know what you call it)
  • The box that holds my husbands beloved boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Several assorted toys including the wheels off some of his cars...Baby Boy himself is very upset about this because the cars won't drive smoothly now. He tries to push them along the floor and then cried and says, "Na work-een".
  • An indestructible and shatter-proof Corelle plate - shattered into about a bazillion pieces.
  • And last but not rocking chair! He tipped it over (yes, he was standing up and rocking himself in the chair) and the top of the chair broke off! (Don't worry, Baby Boy wasn't hurt during this incident) I'm hoping that my good hubby will be able to use his amazing skills at gluing broken things back together and fix this one for me.

I admit...I was very naive about the destructive capabilities of a boy...In my defense, my first child was a girl.


Side Note:

One of my blogging friends, Jeanette (check out both of her blogs, here and here) is holding a giveaway of some wonderful Newbery Books. Newbery Books are wonderful for many reasons...they are written for adolescents, so they are generally not very long, well written and accessible (not difficult to read). Looking at the books she is giving away...I am hoping to win the giveaway myself, but everybody needs a chance to know about it. Am I not generous?


stephi k said...

Thanks for the give-away heads up, heck ya I'm entering!

Summer said...

Ah yes. Boys live to destroy!

Richelle said...

I'm glad my son isn't quite the destructo squad. The binkys--that's how we got rid of them with him. He only had a couple left, and when he chewed through them, we threw them in the garbage and they were gone! He also likes to say "not working" a lot. I didn't know you could shatter a Corelle plate into a bazillion pieces. Good to know! I hope you can get your rocking chair fixed!

Cheryl said...

Holy. Cow. I hear you! My 2 boys have been quite the eye-opening experience after dealing with 2 girls. I don't think they can help it, really!

The nice part, though, is knowing that the destruction phase will pass (somewhat)...but with girls? The hormones are only beginning...

Leslie said...

Stephi - Good luck in the giveaway!

Summer - Thanks for confirming my suspisions :)

Richelle - Your boy is just such a cutie and so smart...maybe he will rub off on my Baby Boy someday!

Cheryl - I'm hearing you on the hormones...Baby Boy may be a handful, but the drama with Big Sis? Aaah!!!

Jeanette said...

Uh-oh! I think my girl might be all boy! :-) My boy is and always has been rather calm. He hates messes etc. My baby? She won't be still for any amount of time and gets into everything! She is only 10 months so time will tell...
The rocking chair? Sounds like something one of my brothers would have done. Oh wait. One of them did!
Thanks for the link to my contest! This is my first one and it is more fun than I would have thought! :-)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ahhh, I love knowing that I'm not the only one with a destructo boy. Mine is Monster Man who recently broke his closet door. I'm not talking abut taking it off the hinges, I'm talking broken completely because he was left alone for 20 minutes with nothing to do.

Gotta love them! =)