Thursday, May 15, 2008

Healthy Living...Hey We're Trying!

A few weeks ago, Cheryl devoted several posts to her recent weight loss and what she learned, etc. etc. A lot of what she said made me think about what I am doing to stay healthy.

So...I have started working on the exercise thing. My Hubby and I try to go walking together. When he can't go, I still try to do it on my own or do a cardio work out a la Lesile Sansone. Then in the evenings we do some weight training/conditioning. It's been so much fun to do together! We both feel we're getting a good workout and we are enjoying the time together.

Next...and this is where you come it people. I'm trying to make sure we have healthy eating choices in our home. I'm trying to buy more fruits and veggies and am focusing on eating them at every meal. I like the effect this is having on our bodies (I feel healthier) and it seems to be a nice thing for my pocketbook too (fresh veggies and fruits seem to cost less than all that other junk...go figure!). My new goal is to reduce our intake of meat to 2 - 3 meals a week. I don't want to go about this is an unsmart way and I also want to make sure that we are loving the food we eat. Yes, we are a family that enjoys to enjoy great food...and I'd like to keep it that way.'s what I want to know. What are your favorite vegetarian meals and where do you like to look for vegetarian recipes (web, cookbooks, whatever!)? We're not trying to go vegetarian or vegan or anything...I just want to see if we can reduce the amount of meat we eat. Is this making sense? So...what are you suggestions/thoughts?

Let me hear you, people!


Cheryl said...

Well, I'll kind of say what I've said before in my posts, but...Just modify. I know that's kind of lousy advice, but it really does work! Leave meat out. Or switch it to poultry. Ground turkey or vegetarian crumbles. Fat free stuff, etc. It really is the easiest way when you're just starting out.

Good luck!

raybee said...

How do you feel about tuna? One of my most favorite meals is a salad with romaine & red leaf lettuce, cashews, cottage cheese, celery, carrots, tuna, and balsamic vinegar dressing. Yum!!

Richelle said...

My friend was just telling us this week that they have started a diet that is based on the Word of Wisdom. They can basically eat all the fruit and veggies they want and try to limit meat. She said she was following a book, but I can't remember know what it was called. I'll ask her and will let you know. I know she said the other day they were going to have taco soup without meat in it, just beans and veggies.
We have been eating veggies better getting them from our produce farmer's market share thing. It's been great.

Summer said...

I've been working out for a while over here and I'm feeling great. The only thing I've really changed about my eating habits is:

1. Drink tons of water
2. I turn to vanilla yogurt with a little granola whenever I have a sweet craving

I wish I had some vegetarian meals for you, but we have meat nearly every day. You could try to make a vegetable curry though. Like with potatoes and cauliflower. YUM!

Jeanette said...

I need help with this too! My hubby gets kidney stones from eating too much protein. I am supposed to be cutting his protein intake down but it has not been easy because he is a picky eater. I am trying to cut down to 2-3 nights of meat a week as well but have not been doing a very good job...
Sorry, not much help!
I put a bowl of fruit out on the table in the morning and our fruit intake has increased a lot since I started doing that. We always have veggies with dinner but I am working on adding more into lunches and snacks as well.
If I find any good vegetarian recipes I'll let you know.

kim said...

one great one that we had the other day is portabella mushroom parmasean(sp?) . you just put some marinara sauce in the bottom of the 9x13. then put your large portabella mushrooms in a large sautee pan for with a little olive oil until a little tender (5min). put the mushroom caps on top of the marinara and spoon some more in the caps. cover with mozz and parmasean and cook in the oven at 400 for 15-20 min until golden. yum. serve with a salad and it is wonderful! the website for the recipe is,1977,FOOD_9936_33523,00.html

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I once got all hyper about being more vegetarian and spent weeks looking for recipes and researching food items, and then I realized, almost all of what I already cook can easily be altered to meatless. Lasagna, spagetti, pizza, just leave out the meat and it is still yummy. Use sauteed mushrooms instead of beef for hamburgers. Use canned black and kidney beans in place of beef and white beans for chichen in soups. If you are ok with eggs you can serve quiche as a dinner. In my awesome turkey pot pie I use a scant amount of turkey and triple the veggies.

Also, ethnic foods are a great way to get great flavor without meat. Indian food, Chinese vegetable stirfries or egg rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls, Falafel, etc.

Leslie said...

Awesome, awesome suggestions...if you think of more...feel free to keep commenting!!!

Andrea said...

If you find any good recipes, share them with us would you please? :) We eat a lot of beans in place of meat, if you like beans. My friend introduced us to cooking tofu 'grit-style' (basically browned in olive oil with lots of seasonings.) It wasn't bad--but I don't think we've got Tyler convinced! He'd rather leave it out.

Amanda said...

Cheryl has been a great inspiration to more than just me, I see. I think it is great that you are hubby are getting healthy together. What great quality time.

We do a lot of spaghetti (plus fiber type), and bean burittos. Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving the nice comment.

Amanda said...

About a year ago, I bought a cookbook called "Saving Dinner." It has 8 weeks of menus/recipes for each season. AND, the bonus is that is has a grocery list for each week! The recipes are wonderful and healthy. In fact, most of the recipes that use ground beef add oatmeal to add fiber and cut down on the meat. The menus include one fish, one vegetarian, and one crock pot meal each week. In addition, the author has included suggestions for side dishes, (which are also healthy). Although my husband thought some of the dishes were different, he ate them and enjoyed most of them, too! Anyway--check it out at (And you can see a sample of the book/recipes at