Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Trails

I emerged from the shower today ( that shower - ah, success!) to a delightful trail of destruction. This was no fun trail left by leprechauns (a friend recently blogged about how leprechauns had come through their house on St. Patrick's overturning couches, but leaving a delicious trail of chocolate coins, etc. You can read about it here.)

But I digress...As soon as I could get my body covered, I began to follow the delightful trail left by my favorite toddler, namely Baby Boy. When I found him...he was on the floor with several "Memory" cards in his hand, with one getting extremely close to his darling, but dirty, mouth.

'Hold it right there,'re gonna have to come with me. That's right little fella...I'm putting you under a citizen's arrest. This floor ain't gonna be big enough for the two of us.'

I can't even believe that he is now tall enough to reach the handles on the beautiful PAX unit (from the Sweedish land of IKEA) we built to store a whole slew of things we wanted to keep away from the children. Including the games. Don't get me wrong...I love playing games with the kids, I just can't stand the old 21 card pickup...make that 1000021 card pickup that inevitably occurs when toddlers realize that they can open boxes. I guess we should have put the handles at the top, eh?

Ah...the days of toddlerhood. A joy for the kiddies...a disaster for the mommies.


Cheryl said...

Ahh, the joys of discovery! Let's see...nothing too bad has happened while I've been in the shower (which, to your credit, should be the only excusable time when bad things happen), but here's some stuff that's happened while I wasn't looking:

--Sharpie marker on house
--sharpie marker on bodies
--getting into flour
--getting into sugar
--eating markers (not sharpie, thank goodness!)
--Toilet paper decorating
--dumping out the cheerios

Aren't kids great!??! :)

Mom2My6Kids said...

I just started baby sitting a little guy who is 14 months and my own bby is 13 months and I am amazed at the messes these two can make the second I take my eyes off them. And I gave up on getting a shower in anymore. Scarey, I know. I'm trying to work it back in. Have a great day!

Summer said...

We've had many incidents of this variety. They've usually occurred before we've woken up though. Thankfully we haven't had a disaster in awhile, but they boys are older of now of course. For Angel Girl it's only a short matter of time...

Amber said...

I am in the throes of toddler messes and sometimes wonder if my house will EVER be clean again!