Monday, March 31, 2008

The Weekend Fare...I Mean Fair

Another busy weekend has come and gone. Now it's time to get back into the groove and start getting things back in order.

On Saturday...we held our Primary Quarterly Activity.

As you can see...we had a Follow the Prophet Fair. It was a big deal (of course, what primary activity is not?) and it really took the efforts of countless people to pull it off. I'm the counselor over the activities so I do lots of worrying before (and a little bit after) the event. I just hoped that the children would really gain something from it.'d like to know what we did at the Fair...why thank you for your are too kind.


  • Hoop it Up (because Pres. Monson likes b-ball)
  • Fish Pond (because Pres. Monson is a great fisher)
  • Measure Up (where we had the children put on a suit and tie and one of our fabulous teachers...who is studying photography...took their pictures...the finished pictures will have something in them about how they can measure up to the prophet)
  • Prophet Packets (where the children made a FHE packet designed to help them get to know Pres. Monson better)
  • Follow the Prophet (an obstacle course where the children learned how you have to follow the prophet to get through some of the challenges in their way)
  • Refreshments (Root beer floats - because Pres. Monson likes ice cream; the children watched the DVD clip of Pres. Monson from Witnesses of Christ while they enjoyed their treats)

We also had a spot for a knock down game where the children threw soft balls to knock down a set of cups...for their efforts they were able to win a stuffed animal (which our fearless primary president had found at Walgreen's after Easter sales for $.10 each!). I made my husband figure out how to make animals and swords of balloons and got him to come and do that too.

Here's the thing. We had asked all of the teachers to be in charge of their booths...we told them the kind of thing we were thinking of and they used their creativity and ingenuity to come up with what they did in each of their booths. It was incredible. With the exception of one teacher who flaked out (luckily we had two people working together on that one)...they all did it. They came, they set up, they taught, they served. I know doing this wouldn't work in every ward or even in some primaries in great wards...but it worked here. I was totally overwhelmed. I even quized the children along the way what to see if they were getting to know Pres. Monson, and you know...they were learning...amazing!

When I was a primary president some years ago...this wouldn't have happened, because I just didn't have that level of support...our activities were things like...come and bring a family picture and we'll make a scrapbook page...which is a great activity too...I'm just was amazing that we were really able to do this.

Yes, there was lots of worrying and feeling sick to my stomach...but the results were...priceless, above my expectations, and humbling. I'm so grateful for this experience.


Jeanette said...

Wow! What a fun Primary activity! I think I am in a ward with a primary that is more along the lines of bring a picture and we'll make a scrapbook. I am glad you had such a successful activity!

Summer said...

That's an awesome idea for an activity. I've worked in Primary a lot over the years. We could never do anything like that in our current ward. Mainly because barely more than branch size.

THans said...

I'm amazed at you! The teachers wouldn't have been able to pull it off without your vision. It sounds like it was a huge success! Hooray!

Chelan said...

Great job! I'm sure the kids had a blast. It sounds like you live in a really great ward. When were you Primary President??

LAHansen said...

Thanks ya'll...I was happy with the results.

Chelan...I was a primary president about 5 years ago in our ward in Orem...just before we moved to Idaho.