Friday, November 2, 2007

When the Man is Away

My most wonderful husband has abandoned me for the weekend. He had a gig up in Idaho Falls playing with the IF Symphony. Okay, was something he committed to do more than a year ago, but did his departure really have to coincide with Halloween?

I admit it...I'm not the biggest Halloween fan. I like the cute costumes and it is way fun to dress the kids up and eat their candy, but I don't like all the scary stuff. I HATE haunted houses (trust me...I can't even begin to emphasize my hate enough), I hate scary movies and I hate even thinking that something might ever be scary. So when Halloween night arrives and I'm alone...well, hmmm...I feel a little uneasy...okay a lot uneasy.

When you're a mom, you can't let your kids know you are even nervous, let alone scared (if they know something scares you, either they will be scared or they will use it to torture you when they are teenagers). So you have to put on your brave face and fake it as much as you can. I took the kids out trick-or-treating. It was really fine, but this is a new place for us, I don't know the people in this do I know what kind of predator may be lurking behind that slasher mask? We basically tagged along about 50 feet behind a family from my ward. Am I chicken or what?

Luckily when you have a 4 year old and a 1 year old, you have to wrap up the trick-or-treating pretty early. The problem is...then comes the giving out candy phase of the night. I have to pretend not to be scared again when Beastie Gorilla Boy knocks on the door. At about 8 pm, I turned off the lights, and got myself in jammies and watched TV. This is another huge mistake. I mostly watch PBS when I do watch TV, which is what I did Halloween night, but then comes the news. Could there have been any more stories of escaped convicts, rapists on the loose, and other frightening facts...I don't think so. I turned off the news pretty quickly and watched old Seinfeld reruns.

Blessed be the date of Nov. 1st!

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