Monday, November 5, 2007

Birthday Thoughts

Today is Dallin's birthday (as I have mentioned on our family blog). I have been trying to think of ways to make his birthday memorable. We are back in school and we don't have the same kind of budget we did when he way employed full-time (for some reason your income drops when you go from being full-time teaching professor, to full-time student)...I'll keep you "posted" on what we decide to do.

I love Dallin's birthdays for many reasons:
1) It's always fun to celebrate the life of someone you love so much...again see our family blog for more mushy stuff.
2) It is a great reminder for me to get the Halloween stuff put away. It seems like I think on Dallin's birthday..."Hey you, get that wicked witch put away, she's not very cute and you wouldn't want Dallin to be scared on his birthday now would you. I mean, it's almost Thanksgiving and you still have the Ghosts out...what are you doing woman, get on top of this, NOW!" I always love those gentle reminders :)
3) Dallin is finally only two years younger than I am! For the few months between our birthdays it seems like I am actually three years older than Dallin. I'm sure this doesn't bother anybody but me, but just think...when I turned 30, he was 27...27 sounds a lot younger than 30 doesn't it? OK...let's go even further back...when I graduated from high school, he was a freshman - that means that in Rexburg, he wasn't even in high school about robbing the cradle!

I only wish his birthday was always on a Saturday or something. The poor man usually has a lot going on on his special day. This year, for example, he got home from Idaho last night (where he soloed with the IF Symphony, taught master classes, and ran around trying to get some things taken care of that were unfinished from our move)...he was exhausted and he still had to go to school and teach lessons. This year is better than most in that respect least he's not giving a recital or something major like that...he just has to prepare for a performance with his quartet, prepare for his first major doctoral violin recital, coach 2 other quartets, write two more 20th century pieces for his theory class, organize and reign in the entire Sunday school of our ward (he's the new Sunday school president), be the perfect husband and father, etc., etc., etc. Should be no problem!

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