Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where's My Shower?

This has been one of those days when I never got a shower. Why am I not in the shower now you ask? Because I decided to blog about it instead.

These days seem to come at least once a week for me. I used to be able to be the first one up in the morning and so I could always get my shower. That was until my one year old decided that he didn't like sleeping until 7am, that he preferred getting up somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Now that is where the problem begins...you see I can handle getting up at 6:30, but if we are talking getting up earlier than than on a regular basis...I'm just not physically capable. I don't know why...I have tried...but the results are always the same. I stick to it for two days and then I crash.

So here we are...back to the days when I can't get in the shower.

You know what is fun about these days?
  • It's fun to smell slightly better than the manure we just sprinkled on the lawn for our new winter grass seed.
  • It's fun to see the preschool teacher pretend not to notice that I don't quite look put together today.
  • It's fun to hear my husband say, when he comes home at dinner time, "It's okay Honey, you look great anyway & thanks for making dinner."
  • It's fun to make sure that if I go somewhere I try to make sure that I will be going someplace where nobody could recognize me & then I inevitably bump into the perfectly-put together-SuperMom who lives a few houses down.

The good thing is...the kids really don't care. They just want to play and have fun anyway. So...in the end...these really are the fun days, they just smell a little.

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