Monday, March 8, 2010

I Would Never!

Ah, the hubris of youth. I think back to the days when I thought I knew it all - I seriously laugh, chuckle, gafaw at what I thought life would be like for me. What a funny girl I was. I thought today, I would share this little list (for all you list-lovers, like me, out there).

Top 10 things I swore I'd never do - that I have now done:

1. I swore I'd never be too tired to clean up the house at the end of the day. I admit it, people, I have left things undone until morning - or maybe even the next afternoon. Ah...I feel better admitting that.

2. I swore I'd never have my kids just watch TV so I could get things done. Please tell me you're laughing at this one fellow mothers.

3. I also swore that I would never raise my voice to my children - uh...sorry to say I've messed that one up.

4. I'd never color my hair - but on this one, I don't do it to cover up my gray (yes, I admit that I have them), but because I just think my hair looks better with a little blonde to it - cuz that's how it used to look when I swore I'd never color it. :)

5. I'd never go a day (unless I was very, very sick) without showering, getting dressed (out of PJ's), and looking my very best. I said adios to that idea when Jewel was born. :)

6. I'd never feel like "just a mom". Most of the time, I don't feel like that, but there are days...

7. I swore I'd never listen to Barney music in my car. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

8. While we're on that vein, I swore I'd never drive a minivan - I swore I'd never even want one. Well, when Jewel was about 3 days old I started wishing I had a minivan, I dreamed of minivans, I envied people with minivans, I salivated at the thought of having a minivan. Now I can proudly say, I'm not sure I'd ever NOT drive a minivan. :)

9. More on the minivan topic: I swore that even if I did have a minivan I would never have a DVD player in my minivan. Bwahahahahahahahahah - oh how I adore and love the in-minivan DVD player. Not that it is constantly in use, in fact, our rule is that we have to be going somewhere that takes more than a hour to get to to actually turn it on - either that or I have to be driving cub scouts all over to deliver Scouting for Food flyers with my own kiddos in the car too.

10. I swore I would NEVER ever (not in a million years Dolly Levi) live in Idaho. Well - here I am - this is my 4th year of living in Idaho. Not only that, but my husband has now taught me a lovely little ditty that names all of the counties in Idaho. Impressed?

Are there things you thought you'd never do that you've done? Do you ever look back on the things you thought you'd never do that you've done? Does it make you laugh?


Janie said...

I laughed out loud at #2! Ha ha! Before I had my 2 boys I swore I'd never, ever bring them into bed with me. Well, the only thing that could break me of that was being too tired myself to start my day and praying they'd go back to sleep so I could. :) Great list! Thanks for sharing!

Richelle said...

My children don't know who Barney is and it WILL stay that way. (At least until their cousins introduce them :) ).

Kirbell said...

Ha-ha! Love it. I do all those things - except I wish I had a DVD player in my minivan and I've never lived in ID. But who knows, stranger things have happened.

Rachel said...

I swore I would never ever let my children leave the house without getting them properly dressed and with hair done. Oh well. I wonder what people think when they see my kids who have picked out their own clothes that often involve summer dresses in winter with moon boots and disheveled hair. Guess I don't really care!

Angie said...

I can claim every one of those except the Idaho one. What a dream world we live in before we become moms! I swore I'd never let my kids eat fast food when they were little, and ESPECIALLY not in the car. HA! and HA!!!!

Aunt LoLo said...


I've never done any of those things. 8-1

So. Kidding.

I swore I'd never use the TV to babysit the kids. I swore....oh, too many things.

BUT! I still hold in SOLEMN reverence the vow to NEVER use my own spit to clean a kid off. My dad watched a woman LICK her son's face in Costco one morning. And, after he told me that story...I just could never, ever do it. Not even with a thumb.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

In a single's ward I used to go visiting teaching and we'd all sitting around talking about the bratty kids she taught at the junior high and how our kids would never in a thousand years be anything like that—in fact, they'd be perfect little angels, because they'd somehow do everything we ever demanded of them.

I look back at those times and laugh. I should look her up and see if she has her perfect kids yet. I don't, but that's okay, I love the ones I got.

The minivan thing—we're totally in minivan denial. We just got a new car with a really wide back seat instead. I know we'll have to get one someday, but . . . well, I'll just stop thinking about that now.

Now the TV thing? I was never going to let the TV babysit my kids. Whoops. It's far too useful. (I do try to use it in moderation but every once in awhile one of those days comes along, you know . . .)

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