Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Video

I know I've been silent on the blog front for a while. It isn't because I haven't wanted to blog. I'm just one busy mama lately! Life is just crazy as my husband has been writing, editing, submitting, revising, and defending his dissertation. If you are or have been the spouse of a doctoral student, you will appreciate that these events are a team effort. And when you graduated with a degree in English and continue to edit and advise students about their papers...well, you get to be very involved. All my husband's diligent and wonderful efforts were truly blessed and the defense of the dissertation went beautifully.

But the reason for this post is not to congratulate my husband...even though I am so very proud of and happy for him.

Tonight in our Family Home Evening, I spent a few minutes teaching my little kids about the beautiful season of Easter. I told them it is the most important holiday we celebrate. When Big Sis asked if it was even more important than Christmas, I wanted to cry as I told her that yes, this holiday is even more important than Christmas. I talked to them briefly about why Easter is so beautiful and important and testified to them that I really do know that Jesus Christ was and is our Savior, that He Atoned for our sins, was crucified and finally was resurrected for us. I have been overwhelmed by that testimony over the last few days.

I found a YouTube Video that I really loved and wanted to share. My plan over the next few days is to share a few more to celebrate the wonderful Easter season and the good news that Jesus rose from the grave and offers his beautiful hands marred by cruel nails to each one of us come to Him.



Summer said...

Hi Leslie!
Good to see you back again. Wasn't conference amazing? Elder Holland's talk was the most inspiring I think I've ever heard and brought to light understanding on some instances of Jesus' sacrifice and death that were previously muddled.

Our family home evening last night was on teh Savior's sacrifice too.

Traci said...

Beautiful thoughts Leslie. Thank you.

Richelle said...

Beautiful. We have been trying to teach our son more this year what Easter is really about. We've been doing the scripture eggs that you have probably seen around. We'll have to watch this movie, too.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Congrats to BOTH of you on the dissertation.

We, too, have really been focusing on the true meaning of Easter. Beautiful video!