Thursday, November 13, 2008

Focus on the Man I Love

No...I'm not done grading papers...but I needed a break. So...I thought I'd post some pictures that my husband took last night.

I really think we need to find a better place to take pictures of these amazing sunsets, but at least you get to see what we are enjoying.

Speaking of my amazingly talented, stunningly gorgeous, totally magnificent husband. Did I mention it was his birthday last week? I did? Oh and you want to hear all about it?

Why...thank you for asking.

I wish I could say we did something stunningly amazing to celebrate the birth of the man I like to call, "Heaven on Earth." But the truth is...he spent the day slaving away at school and I spent the day thinking of reasons I love him.

When he came home, we celebrated with the dinner he had asked me to make...tacos. But I got tortillas that we could make fresh at home and they were amazing!!! After our dinner we turned to the opening of presents and I finally gave him the slide shows I had been working on. No...these slide shows were not like that image viewing thingy you see above. No my friends, these slide shows were synced to special music and painstakingly worked on feverishly for several days. After the kids were in bed and the parents had all been called and things were quiet, when he could really watch and enjoy my masterpieces...I confessed that the DVD finished burning about 30 seconds before The Man walked in the door.

I further impressed my husband once again by my cake making prowess. When I unveiled the cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting - again...he requested and who am I to refuse such an amazing man?). What? You are not as impressed as was my husband by the cake? I admit it...I'm not very good at the writing part...but getting the frosting smooth and beautiful is quickly becoming one of my best and most treasured abilities.

So...since I spent that day thinking of reasons why I love him...I have decided to share a few of them with you.

1. Even when he should be worrying more about studying and practicing and working on things that are deeply important to him, he still takes care of me.

2. Even when he is tired and stressed and about ready to give up, he chases, tickles, gives horsie rides and enjoys our children.

3. Even when I am mad and upset about things that are happening in the world, he finds a way to make me laugh and relax.

4. Even when I am being unreasonable...he listens and tries to understand.

5. When I am tired and not feeling all that great...he makes dinner.

Sorry ladies...this man is taken and...he's all mine. Lucky me!!!


Kristina P. said...

Mmmmmmm, cake. And your husband sounds delightful!

McEwens said...

you husband, you got a GREAT one!

Jillene said...

Great slideshow!! I LOVE tacos and with homemade tortillas--YUMMY!!

Aunt LoLo said...

The cake, the photos, AND The Man all sound fabulous. Happy birthday, Man, and to Leslie - I think you deserve all that and more. :-)

I hope he had a great birthday!!!

Richelle said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Sounds like you had a fun birthday celebration. I like the cake! Tell him Happy Birthday for me since I, um, didn't send a card. :) I was thinking about him, though!

Summer said...

Sounds like you made his birthday a wonderful one!

Whitney R said...

The cake is great! I'll be making one quite similar next week. Those were sweet things you said about him!

Happy Birthday Dallin! (right? isn't that what the cake said?)

Mikki said...

What a lovely post. It sounds like he had a wonderful birthday. I think chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is THE best. And tacos is one of my favorites too.
Love the sunset photos. THey're beautiful.

Amanda said...

What a fabulous tribute to a fabulous husband!

raybee... said...

Sounds like you did a great job making it a special day. Happy Be-lated Birthday, Dallin!

Lucy said...

How lucky you are! I saw that red sunset Wednesday night. I went outside to walk and decided I needed my camera fast. So by the time I went back home and retrieved it and went back outside, it was too late. Darn! But it was beautiful. Haven't seen one like that in a while. So red, I mean.

Debbie said...

What a loving post. Having a husband who comes home and jumps right into family life is a wonderful thing, isn't it? And I'm not jealous - I have my own!

Jeanette said...

My husband always requests a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday. Makes things kinda easy.