Friday, November 14, 2008

30 Minutes to Perfect Hair - A Tutorial

I spent more than 30 minutes working on my hair today. It looks looks stunning. I wish you could all be here to see it. My creativity is astounding!!! What did I do? I'd be happy to explain with the step-by-step process so that you can replicate this fabulous do yourselves.

Step 1: Pull hair through your hands several times. If you have a little product use it to tame those nasty fly-away frizzies.

Step 2: Carefully brush (or comb) your hair to get it as smooth as possible. If your hair tends to friz...just keep using your hands...combs and brushes will only aggravate your hair.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 for about 15 minutes

Step 3: Retrieve a hair elastic and grasp it firmly.

Step 4: Spend the next 10 minutes trying to figure out a beautiful way to use said elastic to pull your hair away from your face and look pretty too. Try a reverse knot, try a half bun thingy with your hair sticking up in the back, try everything you can think of (and if you are me...that is about three things). You can also try using clippies, barettes, and the giant claw of death to achieve the right look. After all attempts at this fail to make your hair look acceptable move on to step 5.

Step 5: Fish your favorite baseball cap out of the bin (or other resting place in your house).

Step 6: Pull your hair into a pony tail. Put the pony tail on top of your head.

Step 7: Put hat on your head. Allow the pony tail to loosely peek out through the space in the back.

Step 8: Stand back and say..."You look mah-velous Dah-ling. Simply Mah-velous!" (If you know where this line comes will win 1,000,000 brownie points)

If you don't have to go anywhere...don't worry about doing this, it's just too time consuming and overwhelming to attempt on most days.

But when you have somewhere important to the post office where you will be seeing important people like the senior citizens who don't trust dropping their letters in a box on the street. I'm sure you will feel very rewarded for all the effort you put in to getting your hair to look so amazing!

And may I just say...if you are the first woman who was ever brave enough to wear a baseball cap out in public...bless you.


Aunt LoLo said...

You know...I, honestly, could never get my hair to even stay in a ponytail while wearing a baseball cap. The front would always pull out and come down around my face.

I applaud your grace and style! ;-)

McEwens said...

I dont quite have enough hair for a pony tail, BUT I am saving this blog for when I do!

Kristina P. said...

This looks like my attempt to do fancy hair! Great job!

Traci said...

Ha ha You are hilarious. I've spent many a morning doing the same thing. And may I just say that I have always been very envious of your thick, beautiful hair.

Richelle said...

Oh, you're funny! I prefer the 5 minute just put it in a pony tail even though it is still wet look. Although, I cut my hair last week, and it is harder to get into a pony tail.

Debbie said...

Any time I get a new hair cut, I always tell them my only criteria is that I have to be able to do it with only a blow dryer and it can't take longer than 5 minutes. I'm just focused on my appearance that way.
And, on a slightly related topic, what is up with the incredibly messy updo's I keep seeing? Do you see these things? Looks like they took an egg beater and used it to put their hair up. I am so out of fashion.

Whitney R said...

I wonder where brownie points came from. The term. Did people actually cash in their points and get brownies?

I wish I knew!

Love the cap-look on you.

Mo said...

Well said. I can't think of anything fancier than the baseball cap/pony tail combo. I wonder why you don't see more wedding and prom dos conforming to this style?

Unfortunately, I have extremely thick hair and always have a hard time getting the baseball hat to work. I'm all about the beany/braid look... which is partly why I'm getting extra anxious for winter to come.

Mikki said...

I have never been able to pull of this look. I just look silly in hats. Oh well. yeah, and the cute messy updo things? I can never figure them out. My hair just looks messy in a bad way-never a good way. (sigh!)

raybee... said...

I believe in baseball caps! Love 'em. Thanks for the laughs!!

Jeanette said...

Love this post! :-) I am a big fan of ponytails and hats, when I actually have hair long enough to put into a ponytail. I've always had kinda short hair. Right now it is the longest it has ever been and it has reached past my shoulders and collarbone. Woohoo! :-) But guess what? I am cutting all off tomorrow! Bye bye hair!