Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tupperware Tuesday: BOGO Bowls!

What is Tupperware Tuesday?

Tupperware Tuesday is a blog post devoted to a product review of a specific Tupperware product.

Why am I doing this?

Because it's my blog and I want to....And because I think you might like to know! :)

As most of you know (or can at least guess), I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant. I love being involved with Tupperware for several reasons!

1. I can still do some form of work and stay at home as a stay at home mom.
2. I love the idea of using quality storage products to meet my needs and thus stay away from the overuse of plastic bags. (Seriously...who hasn't heard way too much about how we use way too many plastic bags in the US?)
3. I love a product that has a lifetime guarantee.
4. It's fun! :)

I know many people who feel that Tupperware products are too expensive. I'm not going to lie. Tupperware is not cheap. But it will last for a lifetime. Before I started my own business I convinced my mom to let me have one of her big yellow Tupperware bowls. She's had it since she was a newlywed...she's been married for more than 40 years. That's quality that I can appreciate and yes...even love.

Right now...Tupperware is offering a rare Buy 1 Get 1 free set. It includes 4 classic Tupperware bowls. That good old big yellow Tuperware bowl is now called, "Thatsa Bowl". The set includes that bowl, plus the Thatsa Bowl Mega (which is awesome for all you ladies that take salads, rolls, etc. to any Relief Society function), Thatsa Bowl Jr., and Thatsa Bowl Mini. When you buy one set for $69.50...you get an additional set for free. The whole set is pictured below.

Why do I love these bowls?

First of all...they are pretty! Beyond that very important detail...they are versatile enough to be used as mixing bowls and serving bowls. They all come with a loop handle, which means I can stick my thumb in there and keep it in place while I am mixing! The lids (Tupperware likes to call them seals) - make it so that I can take my salads, etc. to a party without worrying about the contents spilling out and making a mess in the car or just cover up my creations and stick them in the fridge without having to transfer them into another storage container.

How are you going to use all those bowls?

I'm sure you will find a million reasons and ways to use those bowls, but if you only need one set...give one set to your mother, sister, daughter, BFF, or as a giveaway on your blog! Or split the sets up...keep only the bowls you think you really need and want and give the rest as Christmas presents to friends, neighbors or your kids teachers! Or...call a friend who you know needs this set and go in on it together. You'd each get a full set of 4 bowls for $34.75!

I mentioned that this BOGO offer is rare and it is also only available for a very limited time. On Friday...this deal will end! In fact, you can't even order it online anymore! But you are all very lucky because you know somebody in "the business" all you have to do is email me: youjustgottalaugh at gmail dot com - and I can set you up!!

Happy Tupperware Tuesday Everybody!


Charlene said...

Hi Leslie, This is Charlene your friend from Rexburg. Will you send me your e-mail address so I can get in touch with you? Thanks. My e-mail is ctippetts@gmail.com

Jillene said...

I. LOVE. MY. TUPPERWARE!! I have the bowl set--I got it as a wedding gift 11 years ago and it still looks brand new!! LOVE, LOVE IT!!

Kristina P. said...

I had no idea that people were still selling Tupperware!

I was watching "Cold Case" this weekend, and it was about a woman who used her Tupperwear sales as a front to help in the Civil Rights movement.

Is there something you want to tell us?

Leslie said...

OK...this is just a scam for fundraising for the McCain/Palin ticket...you got me Kristina!!! They are lovin' all the money that's coming from my business! ;)

Whitney R said...

this is a great way to earn money! Next time I need tupperware, I know where to get it:)

Amanda D said...

If I had any money, I would totally buy these bowls. You've got me sold! Now, if I had $60. When I do, I know where to come though.

raybee said...

Hey. I just tried to order some tupperware and something went wrong at the place order page. Either I placed my order twice or didn't place one at all. ???