Monday, October 13, 2008


I love the smell of books. Bookstores and libraries produce olfactory sensations that delight my whole being! The smell is intoxicating, prompting the mind to consider and imagine what delights await behind the delicious smell of the covers and pages.

I well remember many delightful adventures to the library in my elementary school. The library was located conveniently in the center of the school and I walked longingly past its heavy wooden doors every day. I thrilled at the hour each week our class got to spend in the Library. Mrs. McLaughlin would help us choose a book and they we got to go and grab a "pollywog" and sit in the alcove to read silently to ourselves. Some days, Mrs. McLaughlin read to us too, creating a palpable energy for all of our developing minds. It was our time to learn and grow.

The name of this blog is a bit of an homage to that memory. Just as the tadpole develops and grows - so do the minds of the beautiful children who read delightful books. I hope that the literature we expose them to serves to teach them to jump and leap as high as their potential will allow.

One of my favorite classes in college was entitled, "An Introduction Children's Literature." It was a class designed (and required) for Elementary Education majors. Even though it's content and class number did not further my own degree requirements, I took the class and enjoyed every moment. It furthered my life-long love for children's literature.

I hope someday to become a published writer of such literature. In the mean time...I will use this blog to study this rich and delightful genre. It is my place to research and you are welcome to peruse here as well.


Kirbell said...

Hooray for this blog! I will be checking back often for good books for my kiddos. I especially need good chapter books for 7-8 year olds who only want to read Star Wars and Pokemon books. :-)

Jeanette said...

I love the title of this blog.
I have a blog, that I have not made public, where I am making lists of books for my kids and keeping track of what books we are reading and how much time we spend reading each day. I've only just recently started it. I have not decided if I will make it public.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Don't tell, but my sister and I once spent an hour smelling all the books in my bookcase and deciding which ones smelled best.