Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Politically Incorrect?

My husband says I am becoming a political junkie. He may be right...Even right now, as I am typing this post, I am listening to a political dialogue via the internet.

I thought I'd pass my thoughts along to you...I know...I'm so generous. What can I say...Generosity is my middle name! OK...turned the dialogue off now...so I can concentrate on you!

Let me start here by saying...my political views are conservative...if you don't like conservatives...save yourself!!! Click away from this blog now! But come back tomorrow :) - Please!?!

I watched the DNC with great interest. Let's be honest...for people who were interested in watching...it was a great show! When Hillary spoke...I honestly thought...they picked the wrong person...she would have won for sure! Then Barack spoke...and I thought...OK, they picked the right guy...but I wish he would actually tell us how he's going to make this great change that he keeps talking about and how that's gonna happen when he surrounds himself with the Kennedys and Joe Biden - can you get any more 'politics as usual' than those guys?

I have to say...I like Barack Obama. He's engaging, he's interesting, but I also don't really trust him.

I loved watching the media outlets (at least those that I have access to) swooning over the whole DNC...saying how wonderful it was...how everyone was crying and how powerful it was. I loved the close ups of Bill saying "I love you, I love you" as Hillary walked out on the stage and the discussion of whether the Clintons would really get behind the Democrat's new Golden Boy and then getting all kinds of emotional as they reported how faithfully and well they (Bill & Hill) did their respective jobs.

So...now the RNC begins...and instead of talking about how cool it was that the Republicans basically stalled the convention to make sure attention was put where it should be...i.e. the people who were being evacuated from the Gulf Coast and the possibility of yet another hurricane destroying a major US city for the second time in three years, the media choose to focus on a family matter for Gov. Palin. Yes, her teenage daughter is pregnant. Get over it media people!!! Bill Clinton was a known adulterer when he ran for president...he purjured himself while in office...I could go on...but I digress. My point is...let's be nice about the RNC...maybe even cry a tear or two when we think of John McCain's suffering as a POW.

Here's the thing...I really don't like John McCain. I cried when Mitt Romney announced that he was suspending his campaign. I heart Mitt Romney!!! Again...I digress. Back to McCain. I will give him credit for being far more imaginitive than I expected. He choose a young woman to be his VP. Now some of the old GOPers are a little nervous about this...but I say...Dang! That's cool!!! I myself am liking what I am learning about Gov. Sarah Palin.

Now...here's the thing both Democrats and Republicans can agree upon. No matter what happens with the election in November...somebody different is going to be working in the White House. We're either going to have a woman as second in command or a black man as commander in cheif. I must admit...either way...that's pretty historic and pretty awesome!

Go America!!!


Jeanette said...

Once upon a time I was a huge political junkie. Huge I tell you. But then I realized I needed to slow down and back down a little because I was going crazy. So now I keep my eye on things but don't let myself get too worked up etc.
I am totally excited about Palin as VP. I really think it was the perfect pick and is really revitalizing McCain's campaign. You know what? If we had not been on vacation I would have been there at the event when he announced her as running mate because it was here where I live. I was pretty bummed I missed it but reminded myself that being with my family was much more important and fun. Both Palin and McCain will be back in this area before the election so I'll get a chance to see them.
My props to you for writing a political themed post. I am nervous about doing that.

Amanda said...

AMEN to everything you're saying! It's interesting how the media seems to pick and choose what glorifies and what mortifies. So far, the "dirt" they've found on Palin is so minor that I can't believe they're trying to make it news. I'm definitely interested to see where this goes!

Richelle said...

I really am not much into politics. But there are some historic things going on right now. I really don't know who I am going to vote for yet. It will be interesting to see what happens!

McEwens said...

Oh BOy do I agree with you! When will the media fall out of love with Obama and really talk about the things we are concerned about. OK so her daughter is pregnant, does that affect me.. no? Does what she accomplished in taking on the big guys ..yes, does it REALLY matter that obama is black, no... not really. What matters is what can he do. AND I am worried about an all talk guy! SHOW me some details!
Not thrilled with MC, but liking what I am hearing about Palin.
OH and did we all forget that Biden is known to copy others talks? I was waiting for him to give an I HAVE A DREAM, but bidens version, I had a vision speech!
OH boy, well way more than I meant to say

Cheryl said...

Agreed with everything, even down to the crying when Mitt Romney bowed out.
Amen, Amen, Amen.

Worst part? Where are all the liberal women who said they would vote for Hillary just because she was a woman now? Hmmm? Eating their words, because now they have to admit it was her politics and not her gender. Ha!

Chelan said...

I have "political junkie" promise, however I find that I have to turn the radio off for a few days after I've listened because I get SO frustrated with everything that is going on. (I share your views by the way) :-) I'm going to try to listen and keep updated on what's happening as much as possible and then VOTE in November...somehow without going insane! Obama just scares me on many different levels. That's where I am in politics these days.

stephi k said...

I ditto most of what you said. W/ Obama--I want to like him because of his charisma, but I disagree w/ every policy and stand he takes in politics. I'm not a huge fan of McCain, but I'm loving Palin.
I heard someone on CNN questioning if she was qualified because of her daughter's pregnancy. He said "You judge a gardner by how his garden looks! Guess what? She's not running for "Mother of the Nation"!

Laura said...

I agree! I like Obama's demeaner but he's very extreme when it comes to policy. I align more with McCain on policy but frankly don't trust him. Jury's still out for me on Palin, but I tell you, it's going to be really hard for me to decide who to vote for...policy or gut trust. It's hard! If Clinton was in the mix (shudder) it would be an easy choice (run in the other direction...fast!) or if Romney were in it would be easy (so sad to see him go) but now we are stuck here in this muddle. Sigh.