Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random Ramblings

Not to worry...I haven't really been on strike from this blog...just really busy. It's funny how two kids and a primary calling can keep you kind of occupied...actually I think it's just that this blog hasn't been my priority lately. But I have been blogging on my other blog. are some of my ramblings:

1. Presidential Politics: I'm so dang sad that Mitt Romney suspended his candidacy. I can now only hope that John McCain will have a stroke or something (OK...not really, but he is kind of old, eh?). It bummed me out because he was the ONLY candidate on either side of the asile in whom I had any confidence. I don't like what happened in the W. Virginia caucus and think such dirty politicing is a bad sign. I don't like Hillary Clinton & I don't understand how it is the Barack Obama is really going to be promoting "Change we can believe in" when he is endorsed by the Kennedy clan (the most Washington-as-usual family in the country). When Mitt made his announcement, I just felt sick and really sad for our country.

2. Writers strike: Let's just hope that this deal ends the whole thing. Not because I'm missing TV shows, but just because I'm sick of hearing about it in the news.

3. Cooking: I really do love to cook. There are fewer things that give me more pleasure than making a good meal and having it all work! The other day, I was trying out a new recipe for some white bread (I've never really found a favorite white bread recipe that I love) and was reminded of a funny experience I had shortly after we moved into this house. (This is one of the reasons I'm glad we decided to keep our place in Rexburg and rent while we are here in AZ.) So...there were many, many problems with this house when we moved in (broken A/C, bad smells, etc., etc.). After things settled down, I tried to start cooking in my oven to make dinner for my family. For the first time, I have a stove and oven that produce their heat from natural gas. A funny thing was happening with the oven. When the oven got up to temp, it would turn off and never turn back on. This made cooking and baking quite a challenge...We were able to have a repairman come & fix it - eventually...since it was summer still here, he said, "I'm sure you haven't really been missing your oven." To which I replied, "Actually, I have. I use the oven basically every day." He seemed shocked. As he was leaving, I said, "Thank you for coming, I can't wait to bake bread again." He looked at me with unabashed wariness and said, "Lady, you really are old fashioned." To which I replied, "Thanks." So...I don't always bake my own bread, but is that really all that strange?

4. Kids: We're really in some fun phases now with our kids. My four year old is excitedly looking forward to Kindergarten, which is completely shocking to me. How is it possible that she will be five in a few months? This week we have been working on writing lowercase "a" correctly, practicing violin and tying shoes. Life seems to be getting busier and busier and she's FOUR! My 20 month old is really getting more accomplished in speaking. He's now using two word sentences to tell me what he wants and getting better at more and more words. The thing is...he is still speaking an unknown language most of the time and he is speaking it almost non-stop. He looks up at you with his beautiful blue eyes and eyelashes to die for and jabbers in his language, which I am convinced is actually the Adamic language, and then looks at you curiously when you don't know what he wants. He's dang cute and a beautiful chubby bubby.

Well...that's all we have time for today. I'm off into the world .... to change another stinky diaper.

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