Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On Strike

I guess this post will be a companion to the last post...a few more thoughts on motherhood.

I think I am going to go on strike. Currently there are writers striking and stage hands striking for more money, better working conditions...whatever. I think all the stay at home moms should organize and strike too. That would really make a mess of things, eh?

Here are my demands:

1) Better working conditions - On our drive back to Arizona from Utah, my little one year old got sick. He threw up three times at the motel where we had stopped to stay the night. Of course, he threw up on me a few times which is pleasant enough until you realize that there is nothing to change into because...you're travelling! Next...he had three major diarrhea episodes on the way home the next day. When I say, major episodes, I mean there was an explosion inside his diaper which left very little of the stinky stuff in his diaper and the majority of the stuff up his back, down his legs, all over his clothes and in his car seat. When I got him out of the car seat, my arms were soaked with...you guessed it...the stinky stuff. Gratefully we are now home where I have more clothes & can put him in the tub when he has a problem, but I still have to clean up yucky, smelly, gross stuff.

2) Better Hours - Everybody knows that being a mom is a 24-7 type of thing, but what people who are not stay-at-home-mommies (SAHMs) don't know is, when you're a SAHM that is LITERAL. So back to our drive home. Because my poor little baby is sick, I am up basically all night. I can't sleep very well in the car and if I do doze off, I quickly wake up because I worry about trying to keep my hubby awake. Of course I don't get to take a nap when we get home like everyone else does because I've got work to do and if I don't do it now...well...I'd better not go into that. It's not a pretty picture. The next night, Baby is still sick and I'm up a good deal of the night again. I could go on, but I won't.

3) Better Pay - I think I've already covered this in my last post....

Hopefully the SAHM Union will get to work on this soon.


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