Friday, September 5, 2008

More Politics from an Emerging Political Junkie

Did you see it? Did you love it? Did you hate it?

What am I talking about? Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, of course. How about John McCain's? (sorry that one is in about 6 parts, but you can find it at You Tube)

Seriously people about that Sarah Palin?

Hers was the first political speech I have heard in years that actually got me excited!

I liked that she was fiesty.
I liked that she was natural.
I liked that she wasn't your typical politician.
I liked that she wasn't afraid of the moment.

I liked her...yes, I liked her very much. are you feeling about politics these days My Lovely Readers? Are you sick of it? Are you totally engrossed in it? Discuss...


I found a post today by Scribbit about Sarah Palin and since she's from Alaska and all...I thought I'd pass it along for your perusing pleasure...Remember...Generosity is my middle name (no not really, people...sheesh!). If you have a political post...let me know, so I can check it out too!


I promise...I'm not turning into a policital blog...This stuff has just been so awesome lately! In case you missed my earlier can find it here. Yes...there's Generosity again!


Aunt LoLo said...

First of all...Blogger is funny. It's CONVINCED I'm either from Gaylordsville, CT (is there such a place?!) or some place in Maine. Weird.

Second...I haven't been following the politics (I know, I know....) but I like what I'm hearing on blogs. (I suppose I ought to do some research before the elections...) how you slipped the Pride and Prejudice line in there. :-) Made my day. "I like it...very well indeed."

candicerail said...

I think that she is great. I love the idea of a Mother of Five coming into office with all of the values and ideals a great Mom might have that a pseudo-mom might not.

She is stunning, she is from the west (actually I am not sure where she was born, but she is Governor of Alaska, for heaven's sake), I love that she does not have 'The Washington Experience', because after living in DC it is difficult to be untouched by a negative way.

I guess I need a Mr. Smith. Yet,she has infinitely more experience than Mr. Smith.

I am not crazy about McCain. I will vote for her, though.

Sharon said...

Hey Neighbor! I've read your blog! Too fun!! I'm excited about Palin - and I"m ready for the VP and Presidential debates.

I missed last night's speech cuz I was out - but it can also be watched at - neat video of Palin with some of her experince listed. Not sure if they showed that last night or not, but know they for sure didn't the night she spoke.

Hey, something else you might find interesting is Meghan's blog - Mccain's daughter --

McEwens said...

I LOVED IT!!!! She was fresh, witty, to the point, and ready to go after washington!!! I am a hockey mom and just thought it was GREAT!!!!
McCains wasnt bad after he got going! When he spoke of being in the war, he really came alive

Scribbit said...

Generous is right--thanks for the link love!

Traci said...

I loved Sarah Palin's speech too. I think she is a BRILLIANT choice for John McCain's VP. I'm more interested and excited about his campaign now that she's with him.