Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On the Road Again

I love and I hate going out of town. I love doing something fun and going someplace exciting. I hate the preparation.

It used to be so easy when I was single...still easy when I was first married...it was a lot harder when I had one child...it is 500 times harder with two! How do you women who have more than 2 children ever do it!?! I used to watch a show on TLC called, John & Kate plus 8. They had twins on their first pregnancy and sextuplets on the second. One episode featured their trip to Disney World. The whole time I was thinking...I would be insane.

The thing is...it doesn't matter how you travel. Whether it be by car or by plane (or even boat as is sometimes the case when you have a trip to Lake Powell or a cruise or something like that)...it's terribly hard. This trip, I am driving...my husband is flying. Yes folks, I'm driving with my two kids on a 12 hour car trip. Lest you worry too much about me...I convinced my mom (since we are going up to Utah) to fly down and "enjoy" the drive up there with me. It wouldn't be so bad, but for most of the drive from here to Utah, you cannot drive on an interstate. Now...lest you think ill of my husband, let me explain that he would be driving with me, but he has a concert in which he is performing on Thursday night and has to be in Provo on Friday afternoon (1pm) for a rehearsal for a concert on Friday. If I waited for him to start driving, we'd be driving all night and he would get sick and be unable to perform in the concert on Saturday and that is really the whole reason we are going to Utah in the first place.

OK...enough whining...I've got to start cleaning and packing (oh, and finish all my primary stuff before I leave town ~sigh~). I'd like to try harder to make this post make a little more sense, but I can see that I don't have time. Oh well. Happy trails everyone!


THans said...

Good Luck! I'm glad your mom is going with you, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Cheryl said...

Lucky woman! I just wish you were going to Provo AFTER we moved there. :)

You know, I travel 12-15 hours with my kids a lot. Not alone, mind you, just a lot. I'm a pro and you know what? I'll take the car over the plane ANY day. But that's probably because I have 4 kids. If I had 1, I'd fly. Heck! If I had 2, I'd try to fly. But 4? No freakin' way. It's way too hard.

Good luck and be safe on the drive!

Richelle said...

Good luck driving! And tell Dallin good luck with his concert!

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

HOpe you have a safe trip!!!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

We just got back from a short trip, and I hear you, preparing and packing to leave is a nightmare.

Hope you have a good vacation!