Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home...Via Maverik

Ah...back home. It's always fun to go away, but it's so great to be home...sleep in our bed...have the kids in their own rooms...get back into the routine...good stuff.

We had a great time on our visit to Utah (SLC & Provo). I'll post more about our visit tomorrow (hopefully). But for today...I just had to write about our drive home.

My favorite part of the drive home was when we stopped at the Maverik in Flagstaff. You know...when you will be spending the entire day in the car, you don't make much of an effort to look really great (at least I don't). So...we had just finished fueling the good old mini van, when we pulled up to a space by the store so we could have a little pit stop and a refueling of our bodies when...(ta - da) some ward members pulled up right next to us. I think at the time I looked very similar to a Medusa and enjoyed the puzzled looks as the family immediately recognized my husband but couldn't place the strange woman who was holding my husband's children (yes folks, that was me). They told us about the traffic on the way back to Phoenix (which was it's usual bad self) and then said goodbye. What joy...we were all reunited again at the bathroom line where they tried to find something to say to me there. So...we talked about the weather until we had all been able to enter our respective restroom facilities. What joy again...we were all reunited in the check-out line where we had no idea what to say until the wonderful moment when the guy at the counter says, "That'll be $4.87 Ma'm."

Another wonderful moment from inside the Maverik store: A large old American Indian fellow was inside the store. He reeked of that familiar sweet smell emitted by one who has had a bit too much to drink. He waited patiently in line until he reached the cashier. I was puzzled when he asked her if they carried any "licorice." I thought it was a little curious. As we were leaving Maverik, my husband commented about this interesting character. I mentioned that I thought it odd he was asking for licorice. He laughed and said, "Honey, he was asking if they carried any hard liquor!"

Ya gotta love Maverik!


Cheryl said...

I hate running into people I know when I don't think I'll be running into people I know. And I could feel your awkwardness; talking to people because you feel you should talk to them just because you know them. Doh!

The UnMighty said...

Did anyone turn to stone when you made eye contact?
("Clash of the Titans" reference)

Loved the story.

LAHansen said...

Hee, hee, hee...I don't know if they were turned to stone...I was avoiding eye contact. But after I left, nobody seemed to move from their spot...hum....

Amanda said...

I found your blog through Sara Lake's blog...(just so you know I'm not some out-of-nowhere stranger). I know exactly which Maverik you're talking about. Doesn't everyone stop there on the Utah/Phx Valley drive? And I can definitely feel the awkwardness of seeing people from your ward there. Loved the story!

I really enjoy your blog and will definitely stop by again! Feel free to stop by mine as well.