Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why I Started This Blog

So...I already have one blog. Why create another? Well let me tell you. It is because my other blog is really about my family, our adventures, our moments, etc. This blog is kind of more about me and how I look at life.

I love humor. In fact, I think that you can do very little without humor in your life. As a stay at home mom...I have found that most days you can do one of two things. You can laugh or you can cry. Most of the time I think laughter is the better way to go.

I hope that in this blog I can express myself through telling the humorous story of my life in a new and fun format. Yes...I will talk about my kids & husband. Yes...I will refer to things that happened in High School and yes...I will probably even tell embarrassing stories that might include other people. Hopefully it will be different from my other blog and entertaining too.

Here goes.....

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