Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Amazing Couple

Oh boy...this blog has been silent for way too long.  I could go into all the boring details of my absence (my 2 months of dizziness during the summer, the family reunions galore, the craziness that has existed in my house since school started, etc.) but I will spare you the details of those things (don't worry I'll get to it on our family blog some day) and get to the here and now.  There are lots of things I'd like to write about but today, I'm going to tell you about some very special people.  Dr. D's little brother and his wife are some of our favorite people.  We think they are amazing.  A few months ago they asked us to be references for them and write a letter to help them begin the process to be approved to adopt.  There were questions to answer and spaces to fill in.  For every question, I could barely squeeze what we wanted to say into the form.  Why?  Because we think that they will amazing parents.  One of the questions asked what their weaknesses were.  That was the only space we didn't need much space for filling.  We have a very hard time seeing any weaknesses in them individually and as a couple they are just about flawless - what one may lack the other makes up for.  They are fabulous in every way.  We know that their greatest desire is to be parents.  To bring up a child that they will love and care for in every way.  So, I am writing today to direct our friends, family, and anyone who might be searching for an amazing couple with whom to place their baby to our amazing brother and sister-in-law. Click on the button below or follow this link to see their adoption blog. We love you Doug and Jessica! 

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Doug & Jessica Hansen said...

Thanks Les! You're way too nice about us really!