Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting Active!

Yes, it has been an age and a half since my last post.  But you see, when it is summertime and we don't have school schedules things tend to get busy, crazy maybe even a little out of control.  But that is good because it is summer and we should be having some fun.  It has finally warmed up enough in Rexburg to feel like summer.  This means I'm spending more time doing summer things with my kiddos and less time blogging.

So...why stop the non-posting streak?  To do a review of Knowledge Adventure's latest release for Wii!

JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness

Here's what we love about Get Moving: Family Fitness - it's for the whole family!  All of the activities are fun for everyone!!!   It's all about sports, moving your body and getting active!

From Knowledge Adventure:

Product Description:

For years, JumpStart has been creating the best learning games for kids. Now, with Get Moving: Family Fitness, JumpStart is making fitness fun too! Discover the ultimate family sports game with fitness expert and mom of four, Brooke Burke.  With more than 15 sports challenges in 11 exotic arenas, Get Moving™ is the fun, new way to keep your family active!

Key Features:

-Design your own character to race and play
-Build customized routines for an extra challenge
-Compete head to head or play solo
-Play underwater, on a farm, in Egypt or in 8 other exotic locations
-Access expert tips for more ways to stay healthy!

What my kids love about Get Moving Family Fitness-
  • Making their own Jumpee (the character they design)
  • Choosing their arena - they think it's pretty cool to play games in places like Egypt, etc.
  • Playing the games!  - They are all fun!!!  Alfredo favorites are the basketball games and Jewel is partial to the flying race!
  • They love playing individually, or together (the two of them) or as a family
What I love about Get Moving: Family Fitness -
  • Getting everyone up and moving and playing fun games
  • The two playing modes - you can either play one activity at a time or there are several pre-designed routines - you can even design your own routine for your own fitness/activity needs.  
  • Getting everyone in my family involved in something active and fun
I know this game is going be even more fun for my kids during the winter months when they can't go outside quite as much for active play!

A few more thoughts about the game:
  • I always think it's a good idea for parents to spend some time with a new game before letting kids go at it.  This game is no exception.  There are not a lot of instructions with the game and there are a few things that may be confusing for kids to understand.  I also just think it's smart to know what your kids are going to be doing.  The great part about this game is it really is designed for the whole family so you can play right along with your kids!
  • Before every activity Brooke Burke shows how to use the Wii controllers to play the activity.  Sometimes I felt like her demonstrations were not exactly accurate and it took us a few times of playing the activities to really know how to make it work right.  However, I think that's pretty true of any Wii game. 
  • You can play most of the activities with Wii Controllers and Nunchucks (there is a step aerobics that requires the board), but most of the games/activities will be enhanced with a balance board.  We don't have a balance board and I think it would make the activities  more challenging and require more physically of the players.  You can still get your heart rate going a bit with the Controller and Nunchuck, but if you really wanted to require something more of yourself or your kids, you might want to have a balance board too.
OK...hopefully that's not too much information and you are still reading because Knowledge Adventure is allowing me to offer one of you lucky readers a free copy of JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness.  Yes, I said FREE.  That means...a giveaway.

What do you have to do?  Make a comment on this post by midnight on July 4th (Happy Independence Day!) and let me know how you feel about using technology to get active.  That's all you have to do and you're entered.

 Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of JumpStart® Get Moving™ Family Fitness at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided


Amanda said...

I think using technology to become active is great. I don't think it should be used as the sole activity, however. When you only use technology, you miss out on so many other opportunities to interact with nature and real surroundings.

Staci said...

I think using technology to get active is a great moderation. We love to get out and play when the weather is nice but since we only have nice weather for about three months out of the year, we're always looking for other alternatives :)

The Denney's said...

I think it's a fabulous idea! We have a wii as well and we love using it to be involved as a family while being active. In the winter months, it's the best since we can't get too active outdoors. I never heard of the game but it sounds really fun!!

Richelle said...

Getting a Wii might be the only way for some of us to get any regular exercise. We have been thinking about maybe getting one. It would be especially nice during the winter or when it is too hot here to go outside. This game sounds fun!