Monday, May 17, 2010

Quilts By Jess

OK, I have been uncommonly blessed with amazing Sisters-in-law.  They are all awesome, wonderful, talented, beautiful - seriously all 8 of them!  Sometimes I think I'm the dandelion among roses, gerber daisies, lilacs, get the picture...I just feel lucky to be among them. 

Today, I am excited to be able to introduce you to one of these amazing women - Jessica.  This fabulous woman has recently started a quilt business.

You have just got to check this out.  I'm not kidding!  If you live in the Rexburg area you can see her work in person at the Rexburg Farmers Market, or at Mutt n Jeff's Chotchkies in Rigby, and everyone can check her out at her website (click on the button above or click here).  She is currently offering anything ordered from her website at 10% off.

Take a look at her gallery for a small sampling of what she can do.  Her crib sets are absolutely A.MAZE.ING!!!  Yes, she will make an entire crib set to order:  blanket, bumpers, duster.  I am working with her to design a new quilt for Jewel's bed (she's turning 7 and it's time for an update!).

In addition to offering her beautiful quilts, Jessica is also offering rag quilt kits with the fabric and batting included.  She will send you instructions on how to put it all together.  It's all cut and ready to go! will love Jessica's quilts!  The quality is amazing, the designs are beautiful and the woman is fabulous!


Doug & Jessica Hansen said...

Thanks Leslie! You are too awesome!

Traci said...

Her quilts are gorgeous. I'm excited to see what you come up with for Jewel's bed.

Ditto on the SIL comment. Except, if anyone's the dandelion, it's me!

Becca & Craig said...

Nope...if anyone's the dandelion it's me! And yes, Jessica's quilts are amazing. Everyone needs to see them.

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