Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small Town Driving Fun

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Things I see and/or experience everyday in this small town:

  • Seeing people run red lights, just because there's nobody coming the other way
  • Watching people not stop at stop signs - same reason as above
  • College kids jaywalking when there is a crosswalk 20 feet away (at which crosswalk I just had to stop for someone who wasn't jaywalking)
  • Total and mass confusion at 4 way stops - there's just something about these that stumps people around here
  • Really old people driving huge trucks - they can't see over the steering wheel and they are 10 feet off the ground - think they can see what's in front on them on the road?
  • Huge trucks parked taking up 3 spaces in a parking lot
  • Same huge trucks parked on both sides of me in a parking lot that I can't see around to pull out of my parking place to save my (or my children's) life
  • A WalMart parking lot that is FULL
You would have thought driving in Phoenix, Arizona was pretty treacherous - it wasn't nearly as bad as cute little Rexburg, Idaho!


Rachel said...

What about the round-about!? And I "totally paused" at that stop sign!! So funny.. I know exactly what you're talking about.

Kirbell said...

Ha-ha! Love it. I'm glad you're finding the humor in it.

Traci said...

Ha ha ha! I got a good laugh out of that one. Thanks! (But for the record, I'd rather be on snowy roads with Rexburg drivers than Seattle drivers.)

Dan and Anne said...

So you are saying that it is NOT O.K. to run a stop sign or red light??? J/K!! You've got to love small town driving. And then when you throw in a bunch of students (no insults meant!) It just makes it that much more crazy.