Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If I Had Three Wishes...

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I'd wish for...

1. A happy, healthy family
2. Time and energy to write like I have always wanted to
3. Enough money so that I didn't have to worry about money anymore

At least that's my list right now. And I've already got wish #1 - not too bad.

What about you? If you could wish for three things at this moment, what would they be?


Jillene said...

1. Happy, healthy family
2. Enough money to last the rest of our lives.
3. A 1 month European Cruise.

Jillene said...

Wait--maybe I should change #3 to Patience. I REALLY need that!!

Traci said...

1. Sleep!
2. 2 more arms and bigger hips - the better to hold babies and toddlers
3. We could use a little more money too!

Dan and Anne said...

1. Health and happiness for my family.
2. Financial peace and stability
3. Knowing exactly what I needed to teach and emphasize to each of my children (they all learn so differently and need different things emphasized ) so that they grow up to be good, solid, contributing members of society.

Jessica said...

1. Happiness and Health (Can that be one? :) )
2. Harmony and Forgiveness.
3. Financial Stability and Prosperity.