Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vent N Serve Winner Announced

So...if you're a reader of my will know that I almost never post on Sundays.  Why?  Because I just want to leave this day to the Lord and to worship.  If I do post on Sunday, it is usually something that I feel is worthy of a Sunday post...a spiritual thought or something like that.  But today...I am breaking tradition to announce the winner of my fab giveaway!'s how it broke down.

There were 132 comments
Resulting in 127 actual entries

Can I just say WOW here???

So...I took all of your fantastic entries (oh, how I wish I could send each and every one of you something) and counted to make sure I knew just how many there were...went to and entered the numbers in and the random number generator gave us:

Entry #44

Kathy in WA  (whose blog I found here)

I have now contacted Kathy and she will have two days to confirm her winnings!

Thanks to everybody who played along and worry not...I am sure this is not the end of giveaways for me!!!

Oh...and Happy Going Off Daylight Savings Everybody. (We don't do Daylight Savings here in for those of you who got an extra hour of sleep this morning...Yahoo!)


Amanda said...

Extra sleep? LOL! Growing up in AZ, then coming to BYU, I thought Daylight Saving Time was miraculous. Now that I have kids, I hate it. My 3 yr. old was up at her normal hour this morning, which was 7 a.m. yesterday, but now happens to be 6 a.m. This morning is dragging on FOR-EV-ER. (Don't have church until 2!) I'm not looking forward to my kids adjusting to the new time schedule for the next month or so. Guess I'd better get back to finishing up Sharing Time...

Richelle said...

I was up a 6 this morning, too! So much for sleeping in!

Aunt LoLo said...

Can I just say, thank goodness for sleep dep and colds! My toddler woke up at 6:45...which isn't as bad as it COULD have been. Church was hilarious today - our sacrament meeting starts at 9, but half the toddlers were already passed out in the hallway. If they weren't passed out, they had to leave right away because their Mommies just couldn't deal with one more whine.

(BBJ and Lo Gung stayed home with colds today. Hopefully we can get all this time whooha ironed out by next Sunday!)

Whitney R said...


For some reason I really feel like I have an extra hour today. It feels so long! Which is great because I have TONS to do. :)

Oh how I can't wait till I'm finished with school and Sundays can be nothing but RELAXING. Instead of stressing :P

koopermom said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! sorry you didn't win, but please stop by and visit my store anytime!! (