Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playing Tag

To everyone who reads this on a reader and is frustrated...sorry...I had to go back to fix things a couple of times...forgive me?

If you are a reader of my family blog...Just so you know...I've been updating. Feel free to check it out!


Last week...during my self-imposed Blog Sabbatical, my good friend of many years, Stephi K tagged me with this meme. Seriously, I've known Steph for a while...we lived across the hall from each other when we were freshmen at BYU. Thanks for the tag goes!

How To Play This Game of Tag:
1. Post these rules on your blog.
2. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 Joys
1. Seeing my husband's gorgeous face (and yes...getting a nice, appropriate kiss) when he comes home everyday.
2. Watching Baby Boy play with cars and trucks and getting dirty and having fun.
3. Getting a nice back scratch from Big Sis (It just doesn't last long enough...ah...).

3 Fears
1. Being stuck in small elevators...
2. Haunted Houses (Yes, I hate them...No, I won't go with you even if you beg. Yes...I know it's not real...No, I still won't go...)
3. Not living up to my potential.

3 Goals
1. To make homemade rolls every week. (So that I learn how to do it better)
2. To publish a book sometime before I die.
3. To get all of my Christmas shopping done by December 1st.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections
1. Blogging...I would definitely categorize this as an obsession at the moment.
2. The presidential election and the passing of Prop 102 in AZ and Prop 8 in CA.
3. Tupperware? - but this is a collection, not an obsession.

3 Random Surprising facts
1. I have a fear of calling people on the phone...I just know I'm going to say something stupid and make a fool of myself!
2. I sweat like a horse (I would say "pig" but my husband recently informed me that pigs don't had to think of another animal)
3. I have a hard time reading books by Sheri Dew (a well-known and "beloved" LDS author). I usually enjoy hearing her speak...but I just can't read her books...I don't know why...but there you have it.

5 People who are luck enough to get tagged by me
1. Raybee @ Brown Eyed Girl (my beautiful and wonderful cousin)
2. Traci @ Our Savior's Love (my SIL - you can do it on your private family blog Traci - either way)
3. Lucy @ It's Always Something (who is the first person who I met first through blogging and just met in real life too!)
4. Janie @ The Nelson Latest (who is a great friend and married one of my best friends from high school)
5. Chelan @ Adam & Chelan (my good friend who lived across the alley from me in Rexburg and now lives here in AZ) you know more random (some might say useless?) things about me. Can we still be friends?


Kristina P. said...

You know, the phone one is more common than you think. I know several people with phone calling anxiety.

Debbie said...

I sweat like a horse just doesn't do it for me like I sweat like a pig. Is your husband sure? Has he smelled their pits? I bet they sweat.

Aunt LoLo said...

You know, some people are just better to LISTEN to than to read about.

Thank goodness we aren't those kind of people, eh? ;-) Otherwise we'd have to put up daily podcasts, instead of blogs!

Traci said...

I have a fail-proof roll recipe if you'd like to try it. I made my very first rolls with it, and it's worked ever since!

I feel the exact same way about Sheri Dew.