Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sister Sister

You may not be hearing too much from me over the next couple of days.

The reason?

My sister is in town and I get to spend time having fun with her, showing her around, keeping her from sweating to death in the Phoenix heat and generally just basking in the glow of her presence.

I love my sisters. I have three divine sisters with whom I grew up. And 6 (soon to be 7) sisters-in-law. Love.them.all.

There is something so exquisite about a sister.

For me...my sisters are people in whom I feel confidence, trust, love, acceptance, support and so on. Whenever something difficult is happening in my life...I call my sisters. I feel the strength of their prayers to buoy me up when I feel like I'm sinking. When something wonderful happens...I love to call my sisters and share the joy and I can feel their genuine happiness for me.

There are just few things in the world that are more wonderful than a sister for me.

How do you feel about your sisters?


An Ordinary Mom said...

I can't get enough of them ... and I have 6 of them!

Lucy said...

Have fun and enjoy. Sounds great.

McEwens said...


Whitney said...

I have one sister and 3 SIL. I love my little sister, she finally lives here in Rexburg and I feel like we have been building a relationship we were never able to build over annoyance and immaturaty when I lived at home. I also love my SIL's. But my little sis will always be a softer spot then any of my other (3 brothers) siblings.

I'm really very very protective. She acts like it annoys her, but I think she likes it :)

Chelan said...

I love my sister because she is the only other person on the planet who is so close to the same as me in so many aspects. She knows where I'm coming from and she shares my genes so she often acts and reacts the same way I do. Sisters are so fun to have...I'm glad I have one!

Mikki said...

I love, love, love my sister. SHe is probably the only person in the entire world who knows everything about me, and loves me anyway.

Traci said...

Oh sisters, what is there to say exepct they make the very best friends in the world!

Mo said...

I totally and completely agree. They are definitely a gift worth cherishing. I only have one sister but four brothers, so that just makes her that much more special to me :)

Brent Festige said...

Uh, my sister tries to kill me just about every week. Why did I ever make her the beneficiary of my life insurance policy?