Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Cruise on the Friend-Ship

Today I had two friends and their kids over so that the kids could play. all know that wasn't really the reason I had friends over. It was so that the Moms could talk and the kids could do whatever they wanted to as long as they were not going to die or something like that.

One of my friends was able to stay for a good while and it was so nice just to talk to her. We actually live relatively close, but with traffic, takes her almost 30 minutes to get here. We are both SAHMs, and both have husbands who are in Grad School. There are lots of different ways we can relate to each other. After having her here...I seriously felt like I had taken a "mental health day"! It was a breath of fresh air...talking to an adult (for more than 30 seconds on the phone). By the time she left...I felt like I could handle being home and cooped up for a few more weeks (if you don't live in the Phoenix area, you probably don't understand why I am saying that...but there's a good reason - trust me...when it's this hot don't spend much time outside).

This is the beauty of helps and heals and lifts - at least most of the time it does. I know I need friends. I need people in my life that I care about beyond my own family and responsibilities. I need to feel connected to the world beyond the walls of my home, but still be in a place where I feel safe and sheltered. Yes...I need friends. I love friends. I want to be a better friend.

Thanks to all of you wonderful friends...whether I've seen your face or not...I am so grateful for you!


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Richelle said...

I love the weekly "playgroup" we have every week for that same reason. All the moms just sit around and talk while the kids run around burning off energy. It really is important to have good friends, especially when you are far away from family!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Did I know your husband was in grad school, too?!? What is he working towards?

The "mental health" friend days are essential in my life. That's why we trekked to my friend's house on Labor Day even though I had mastitis. I desperately needed the healing and lifting my friend had to offer.

Good luck surviving the heat. You get too much heat, we get too much rain. If only we could combine the two.

candicerail said...

I understand the cup being filled by friends. Tonight, I actually had my cup filled to nearly overflowing by attending Personal Progress Pizza night with the Beehives. Beehives are the best. My cup starts to fill as they greet me with enthusiasm enough to fill a stadium full with joy. My heart needed that much filling.

The pizza helped too.

McEwens said...

Friends are the VERY BEST!!!

And the first paragraph is way true! That its for the moms!!

Mikki said...

I think it's good exercise for the brain too. Too long with just my kids and I start babbling. I can't even form a coherent thought. It's good to have grown-ups around to help me remember how to speak! LOL

Jeanette said...

Spending time with friends is the best! I am glad you had such an enjoyable day.

Cheryl said...

Friends, to me, are better than chocolate. Yes! I'm serious!

Anyway, I'm glad you had a good pick-me-up and time with friends. I love friends.
Ooh! And *you* are my friend, too. Nice thought, that. :)

Chelan said...

Awww! I'm glad I didn't drive you nuts :-)It was a great "mental break". I love having "friend" time too and I wish I made myself be around friends more often. My "shy" side tends to keep me cooped up more than it should. OK...that and the heat! I can't wait for Fall!