Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Birthday Post

In honor of my 34th birthday, which I celebrate today, I will share 34 things about me with all of you. I wish I could share 34 interesting things about me...but that would be asking too much. After all...I am now in my mid-thirties *choke, gasp, choke* brain is far less capable of thinking of interesting things than it was a mere 10 years ago.

1. I am the 4th of 6 children...which means that I am the oldest of the youngest.
2. I was born 15 minutes after my mother walked/clawed-her-way through the hospital's sliding doors.
3. I was a 10 on the Apgar.
4. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa which explains my life-long love affair with corn-on-the-cob.
5. My family moved to Utah when I was 4 years old - I got to go on the airplane with my grandma while the rest of the family drove. What does that say about how my family thought behaved in the car?
6. I started swimming lessons at age 5.
7. I swam in my first swim meet at age 5. One of the girls on the 6 & under relay didn't show. The coach was my teacher and asked/told me to do it. At that time...I had never yet swum the entire length of the pool. I made it the whole way without stopping.
8. I swam on swim teams from the time I was 5 until I was a Sophomore in high school.
9. I was considered one of the best swimmers in the state of Utah for my age group. I was the best backstroker for my age group in Utah when I was 10.
10. I stopped swimming competitively because of a shoulder problem.
11. I still hold a swimming record at the Fort Douglas swimming pool. (At least that was true last time I checked - last year)
12. I got braces when I was in 5th grade.
13. I got my braces off when I was a Senior in high school. Yeah...and you thought you had it bad.
14. I did not enjoy Jr. High - does anyone enjoy Jr. High?
15. I went to 2 different high schools but didn't move and the boundaries didn't change.
16. I graduated from Highland High School in Salt Lake in 1992.
17. I am still friends with a kid I went to Kindergarten with even though I moved and went to totally different schools after that until we met again in high school. (He has a way cool can see part of it here.)
18. I am still friends with my best friends from high school (Jo, Kir, Aimes, Jennie, Drew, Ben, Jonas) - even though none of us live close to each other anymore. They are the some of the most wonderful people in the world!!! Oh...and their spouses are incredible people who deserve major awards for putting up with all of our old high school stories.
19. I attended BYU, the U of U, and LDS Business College before figuring out where I really wanted to be for college and what I wanted to major in.
20. I went on Study Abroad to both Israel and England.
21. I went on a mission to Canada even though my mission call was to Brazil.
22. I spoke English, Portuguese and Spanish during my time as a missionary. I have tags in all three languages.
23. I can only speak English now... :(
24. I have a BA in English - graduated from BYU August 11, 2000 (my mom's birthday).
25. One semester at BYU, I was registered for 24 credits (18 is the max for undergrads). 18 credits of regular classes, 6 independent study classes - yes...I finished them all that semester.
26. When I graduated I had earned over 100 credits...yes...the University was very happy to see my leave.
26. After I graduated from college I worked for my dad as an Ophthalmic Technician. Don't know what that is...see this.
28. I was beginning to look into graduate programs when my relationship with my husband took a serious turn.
29. I still want to go back to school - which is funny because growing up, I always said I didn't like school and couldn't wait to finish.
30. When I was growing up, I vowed never to live in Idaho.
31. I lived in Idaho for 3 years and will be going back in another year.
32. I love the United States of America, but also love to travel to other places and to learn from other cultures.
33. I have always loved my birthdays but some people think I don't. I just don't know how to react to lots of attention.
34. I don't really think 34 is very old ... just don't ask my husband what he thinks (since he is only 31).

I'm sure that is more about me then you really wanted to know...but it's my birthday and I get to do what I want. Happy Birthday Me!


Summer said...

This was super fun to read. You are multi-talented.

Amber said...

That was crazy fun. And so cool you were in Israel. Was that through BYU? I did it summer of '97.

Chelan said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

Richelle said...

So fun! Happy Birthday!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday crazy girl! You have lived a very charmed life and I can see myself getting envious of it. But I shall restrain myself because I like you so darn much. :)
Happy Birthday!!

P.S. Wha? You and Amber both got to go to Israel for study abroad!? Okay, maybe the jealousness will have to surface...

An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! And I found your post highly interesting!

Do you still swim at all?

McEwens said...

hAPPy Birthday! I am guessing you would have been an Olympian had you kept going!! WAY fun to read these things!

raybee said...

I remember being so impressed with your superior swimming! Amazing girl. Happy Birthday!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Les! I always remember your birthday because mine is the 22nd. I had no idea you had accomplished so much in swimming- you are amazing! The only real issue I have about this post is that you forgot about me when writing #18 :-)

Leslie said...

you're totally right are for sure on that list! Love ya!!!

stephi k said...

Welcome to the 34 club! I know with some surgery(had you chosen that) you would have been an olympian. I feel lucky I was able to meet you our first year of college. Happy Birthday!

Beeswax said...

Happy birthday! I was at the BYU London Center Summer 94. I was all ready to go to Israel Summer 96, and my boyfriend got in too, but we decided to get married and not spend the $. BAD decision. (the not going to Israel, the getting married was a good idea.) I also had nearly enough credits for two degrees when I graduated.

Janie said...

Happy Birthday! I think it's great you are still friends with all the high school people. Great list full of things I didn't know! Fun!

candicerail said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just love you.

Lucy said...

That was fun to read about you!

Kirbell said...

Who knew I didn't already know everything about you?

Mo said...

Happy Birthday a couple weeks late! This was fun to read. I'm actually the 6th of 6 kids...which I guess makes me the youngest of the youngest :) And I too hated Jr. High.

Down at the other end of the spectrum, I don't know how to swim. I took lessons when I was 5, but never made it past "Guppy Class". I can do the Hokie Pokie under water with the best of 'em though!