Saturday, May 3, 2008

Golden Compass

It's hard to go on dates when you are getting through school. One of those reasons is because you don't have money to pay a babysitter. can find things to do together that don't cost any money, but you still have to pay the babysitter. I have had some wonderful friends here who have had my kids come over so we could go to dinner or just get some alone time and that's always fun...but it's not very regular. So, for Hubby and nights happen after the kids are in bed. We just try to do something together.

Last evening, I suggested we all walk to one of our local Walgreens and rent a movie from the Red Box. I was anxious to get a little exercise and was hoping to find Becoming Jane to rent (I've heard it's wonderful, but haven't been able to see it yet). Well...even though I'd checked the Red Box website before we desired movie wasn't there. Pity. So...we quickly scanned the other titles and decided to rent, The Golden Compass. Yes, yes...I knew about the controversy surrounding the film, but I was interested to see it and so was my hubby.

After we got the kids down...we hooked up the DVD player and watched. While I didn't find anything in it that, I felt, was worthy of the controversy, I don't really know that I could say I liked it. For me it was hard to follow (I had to keep asking my hubby to explain things). I wonder if I had read the books if I would have liked it better.

So...if you've read the books or seen the movie or both...what are your thoughts?


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Haven't seen it yet, but now I want to just so I can comment on it. Thanks for the movie idea. =)

Richelle said...

I haven't seen it, either. Or Becoming Jane. Don't you love Red Box? Especially if you can get a free code. :)

Cheryl said...

The controversy is mostly from the books themselves --the author has proudly proclaimed to be atheist and very Anti-God in his books. Thus the outrage over them and the movie. But when seen as a science-fantasy type thing, I don't get the hype, either. I haven't seen the movie, though. Many friends told me they liked it!

Being the Jane Austen snob that I am, I have yet to see Becoming Jane, and I will probably end up doing so with great trepidation. Just the idea that a woman would only become a literary genius because of a MAN's influence disturbs me to my core. What? A woman can't be brilliant just because she's brilliant? Somehow a short 4 month love affair turns her into such? Bah! Makes the feminist in me come out roaring. Anyway...I'll have to calm down before I can see this extremely FICTIONAL account of Jane Austen's life.
Whoo! Sorry! That was not planned...

Leslie said...

So Cheryl...hum...maybe I hadn't heard enough about Becoming Jane, but I must admit...I'm even more intrugued now... And I knew about the controversy with The Golden Compass guy...I've actually read some of his statements...but the thing the's just fantasy writing, isn't it.

Ice Cream - if you see it...let me know what you think!

Same to Richelle...and yes...I love Red Box...especially with a free code!

Traci said...

Brad and I rented the Golden Compass last night, and I'm with you - it was really hard to follow. I felt like they immersed us in that world way too fast without explaining much about it. For example: Who are the witches? What's with the armoured bears? Where did the cowboy come from when everyone else speaks with a Brittish accent? It peaked my interest though. I'll probably watch the next movie to find out what happens. So there's my review!