Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Progress Report

Notice that said,'Progress Report', not to be confused with the politically incorrect "Report Card" we all know and love.

I'm checking in today to let you lovely people know a few things.

  • High School English is failing to teach children how to actually communicate in English, still.
  • I'm halfway done with the papers I need to evaluate
  • The house is still not clean
  • Went to the park to have a great play-date with some friends...the children came home with sand in every part of their bodies possible - now the sand has found its way into every crevice in the house too
  • Found out today that someone actually thinks my blog is 'great' (oh, and she also said I'm looking great - yep...she's just made my year!)
  • Hubby is sounding AWESOME! Can't wait for his recital! (For those of you wanting to hear him play...I'll have to figure that out...but not this week, OK?)
  • I got a babysitter so I can actually plan to go to the recital :)

So good. Now if I can just get the rest of the papers graded and the house cleaned...

P.S. I really like the new label I assigned for this post...what do you think?


Richelle said...

Is Report Card really politically incorrect? That's ridiculous.
Yah, I want to hear him play! Are you going to video record it?
Love the random label!

Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting my place. I love to meet new people!

I really think the poor writing stems from not reading. I think a host of problems would be improved (spelling, punctuation, grammar) almost magically if only kids would pick up books for fun!

In your last post you mentioned you wanted to exercise? I have two three month passes to Fitnessworks (I don't know if you live near one) for $20 each if you are interested.

It is great to have Arizona blog friends! Come back and see me soon!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I also love it when people tell me they like my blog. It's like they are saying they like me. =)

So, if you are grading the English papers does the teacher even know how bad the student's English really is?

Leslie said...

So Richelle...I don't really know if it's not PC...but since Progress Report sounds so much nicer...ya know! I don't think we're allowed to video the recital because of ASUs policies, but there will be a recording.

Thanks Kelly...I'll have to talk to my husband and see if we could work that into our budget! So glad you came by!

And Ice Cream (as I so affectionately call you) - I don't do all the grading. She does some too, but I get the feeling that she is getting pretty burned out. Besides we are talking about a high school in a small town where a lot of people are farmers and a lot of the time, it seems that people aren't really that worried about all the "academic stuff". Oh, and...I like your blog & I like you (even though I've never met you).