Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loving Their Distinctiveness

It's funny how kids are so different. I mean...I've only got the two kids, but they are distinctly different. Here are a few examples:

Big Sis. loves potatoes, has done ever since she could eat solid foods ... Baby Boy HATES potatoes - he doesn't even really like french fries.

Big Sis. hated grown toothpaste for ages (we finally made the big switch to 'real' toothpaste within about the last 3 months), said it was too "spicy" ... Baby Boy loves grown up toothpaste (I have to really know where he is or he will pop off the cap and stick the whole tube in his mouth and just suck it up and, you know, fluoride isn't really such a good thing for babies).

Big Sis. always has to have her 'cuddles' (one of those little blankies with a half of a stuffed animal on the top) to go to sleep ... Baby Boy doesn't like to have anything in his hands when he's sleeping, he'd rather throw everything out of the crib.

Big Sis. detests fizzy drinks - she doesn't like how it feels in her nose ... Baby Boy - ah yes, he already loves fizzy drinks, can't get enough.

Big Sis. isn't too patient, she has never been able to just sit down with a toy and play and if she couldn't get it figured out in about .999 seconds, she was off to the next one (she's getting better at her focus now thankfully, I think it will be helpful in Kindergarten) ... Baby Boy is kind of meticulous, he gets mad if he can't figure something out, observes things closely and wants to know how things work.

Big Sis. - easy to distract ... Baby Boy - NOT!

Big Sis. - nervous about trying new things ... Baby Boy goes for everything, head first!

Gosh, I love my kids!


Summer said...

Up until a few months ago Count Dooku called soda pop "Hurty Juice" and yeah, he wouldn't drink it. :)

Cheryl said...

So funny! My four children not only look completely different, all of their tastes and desires seem different, too. Makes for some fun times, though. :)