Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great Moments From a Child's Prayers

..."I'm thank thee for this day."

..."Please bless that I can be together forever."

..."Please bless that President Hinckley can come back on the earth."

..."Please bless that you and your Beloved Son can help my owie feel better."

..."Please bless that I will find my balloon" (which floated away & miraculously was blown back into the back patio 30 minutes after this prayer was said)

..."Please bless that Mommy's back will feel better."

..."Please bless that Grandma can see her husband again." (said after a grandma had just passed away)

..."Please bless that I can have good dreams."


Cheryl said...

The best prayer my daughter said had this in it:

"And thankful for our book of mormon stories that our teachers give to me."


Richelle said...

So cute! and precious.

Doug & Jessica said...

Children give the most beautiful prayers! though I don't have my own I witness it in primary weekly! That is one thing we can definitely learn from them is to pray from our heart!!

molly said...

I liked reading these. Reminds me of my own childrens' prayers.